I have been in the consulting business since 1985, servicing enterprises of every size and in many industries.  During the past 31 years, I have developed a keen understanding of what succeeds and what doesn’t.

I decided on my recent relocation to Bluffton, South Carolina to alter the service offered by SPRIG, Ltd. leveraging my experience and my competencies to offer Business Coaching with the modification that I will not rattle off theories and ideas but will work with an enterprise’s management to resolve issues they may be having or to chart a new path.

I can bring to any enterprise, the tools and knowledge of many years of experience, initially as a senior manager in organizations and later as a consultant in providing solutions to process, product and general business related challenges.

In addition to those accomplishments, since 2006 I have written, published, and marketed in paper-back and e-book formats three novels that have sold globally.

As a result, I offer to my clients, as an extra benefit, the availability of writing services from letters, blogs and ad copy to proposals, speeches and full length books.

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G. Hugh Bodell


G. Hugh Bodell, Author/Business Coach


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